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My new fix : Watercolours

My new fix : Watercolours

I am a very crafty person, love creating stuff.

Back when I lived in England I use to do scrapbooking and looooved it ! But scrapbooking means having lots of equipment, materials, papers… so that means having space and money for it.

So when I arrived in Brisbane in January, I didn’t have any of my equipment – I had put them in boxes to be sent by boat from England – but still needed my crafty fix.

That’s when I started watercolour painting. It is cheap, easy to use, easy to clean, and you only need a brush, some paint tubes and a canvas, how good is that !?

As the good millennial that I am, I’ve taught myself some techniques through tutorials videos on Youtube; and found my inspiration thanks to Pinterest and its millions of photos.

I more than encourage people to be creative and find something arty they like to do to develop their creativity. It can be painting, drawing, singing, playing music, sewing, writing, dancing … whatever suits you. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not, because this is just for you, it is not about becoming the next Van Gogh, it’s about being able to let yourself go without judgement of others.

I think art is another way of finding the peace one would find in meditation. In our society it has become more than important to find that little refuge where we can release stress and anxiety. That place where we can just stop thinking and let our imagination and heart guide us. Our world doesn’t really leave much space for free time and hobbies, which I think is a mistake. We use the left side of our brain all day in our corporate society, we need something that will allow us to use our right side, this is how we will grow.

You can find below the results of my quiet time.