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Month: June 2017

10 easy things everyone can do to help protect the environment

10 easy things everyone can do to help protect the environment

You want to know where to start and what to do to live your life in a sustainable way ? Helping the environment matters to you? Here are some tips to start making changes ! Even though there is misinformation about how bad the situation […]

My new fix : Watercolours

My new fix : Watercolours

I am a very crafty person, love creating stuff. Back when I lived in England I use to do scrapbooking and looooved it ! But scrapbooking means having lots of equipment, materials, papers… so that means having space and money for it. So when I […]

Your own diet

Your own diet

If you have read my “About” page, you already know I’m not for labels. For lots of different reasons, but in this particular case I think labels stop us from doing anything.

Labels are either too restrictive if you only look at the main ones : you’re either a meat eater or a vegetarian. Or they are wayyyyy too confusing : you can be lacto-ovo-vegetarians, lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarian, vegans etc… I mean… WTF?? Who cares anyway? This is just a way that society has to control the masses by putting us in boxes and separate us.

What is important here is that you’re happy with what you do and what you eat. You don’t need a label to feel more important, more alive, more part of something, to approve your way of doing things or to brag about it on social media. You just need to do what’s ok with you.

I’ve always considered vegetarianism without actually doing anything about it because I’ve always thought I wouldn’t be able to stop eating meat and fish definitely. But then I watched “Cowspiracy”, or what I was courageous enough to watch and it just clicked. It’s not just about some hipsters who think they know better than everyone else, it’s about our planet, it’s about the animals, it’s about our own bodies, it’s about everything!  Most people don’t even know that the biggest cause of pollution is the intensive animal farming. We aren’t where we are now just because of those big corporations that use lots of petrol or those big trucks driving everywhere. NO ! The first reason why our planet is dying is because we eat meat !

So then, here I was, disgusted by all the lies we are being told, by myself for not having done the research about it before, and with that big question : Am I becoming a vegetarian ?

Well the answer is a lot more complex than that… As I said before, I don’t like labels and I do not care about fitting in a box. So we – my partner and I – just decided to do it our own way. We don’t buy any meat or fish except for very rare occasions, because I personally think that is where the work needs to be done, at the register of the supermarket. The less you buy, the less they will produce. But we do allow ourselves to have meat or fish when we go out. This is for various different reasons.

First, I strongly believe that whatever you do, even if very small, it’s always better than nothing and it is still a small step towards a better future.

Second, we still live in a world where being vegetarian is not really well seen in the hospitality world – I’ve been working in restaurants / cafe, for 5 years now and am still shocked by what I see & hear sometimes – so it’s not always easy to find cheap, nourishing, good food without having to go to vegetarian places and say bye to your social life because most of your friends are meat lovers!

Also, I have the chance of having educated friends and family members who are able to have conversations on matters they don’t agree with. So, I’ve submitted this topic. And it appears some people / scientists think that if everyone was to turn vegan tomorrow it wouldn’t be of much help. Neither for the animals, that will have to be killed for no reason, nor for the environment, as changing all our production from meat to veggies/grains would damage our ecosystem quite badly.

Finally, I have to admit that yes, I still enjoy a piece of salmon once in a while. I know some vegetarians or vegans will read this article and think “well yeah, you’re just trying to find excuses for not stopping your meat/fish intake, you can’t just pick and choose what you want, you have to do it or not at all”. This is being very narrow minded and that is where I think you’re wrong, and this is why a lot of people don’t even think about vegetarianism, you’re scarring them off ! Because there is no good or bad way, there is only your own way, what feels good to you. And right now, that’s what we feel comfortable with, and we are still doing a lot more than most people by reducing drastically our meat & fish intake.

There are as many types of vegetarians/vegans as they are people, everyone does it for their own reasons. For example, I know people who decided to stop eating meat for their own health and well-being because we, as humans, are not built to eat and digest meat, we are a lot closer to herbivore than we are to meat eating animals. Indeed, stop eating meat for a little while and you’ll see how much more free and light you’ff feel ! There are also, like one of my closest friend and my brother, the people who are vegetarians because of how badly we treat the animals we are eating. How horrible and short their lives are, if we can even call that a life. They are the vegetarians who are more concerned by what eating meat means for our planet and how dangerous it is for our ecosystem. Especially since industrial livestock production uses tonnes of liters of water : according to the Water Footprint Network they need 15 000 liters of water to produce only 1kg of beef. And plenty more… what I am trying to say here, is that there isn’t just one reason to reduce or stop your meat intake and there isn’t just one way to do it. As explained in the short video below, even not eating meat for only one day can do a lot !

Finally, for all those who, like I used to be, agree with the whole thing but think “it’s too difficult”. It is not, it’s just an adjustment but fortunately, vegetarianism is more and more out there, so even though right now it sounds impossible to create a meal without a piece of meat, know that there are hundreds of websites, apps, books, forum and me 😉 who can help give you ideas, advise and recommendations.

And remember, you don’t need to go throw out all your meat / dairy / animal products tomorrow, you just need to open your mind, be more conscious about what you do and what you eat, and most of all do it your own way. Anything is better than nothing !

So, what about you ? Where are you at with your choice of diet and your feelings regarding this subject ?


Australians are being urged to give up meat for at least one meal, as part of a global sustainability campaign. #9News |

Posted by 9 News Melbourne on Monday, June 12, 2017